Why a Broken Hunger Switch Forces You to Eat More Than You Need
... and the simple 60-second fix that helps you drop pounds naturally.
My name is Dr. Philip Totonelly.


I’m a Board-Certified Cardiologist here in Fishkill, New York. That’s about 2 hours north of New York City.


I’ve prepared this report for you against the advice of my attorneys.
But I don’t care. As a doctor, I’m sworn to do no harm. And by letting the truth about why we overeat stay buried, I’d being doing great harm to my fellow Americans.


If you’ve ever wondered why you eat more than you should … or why you eat things you know are bad for you … then you need to understand: It’s got nothing to do with your willpower.


60 years ago, two Americans set events in motion that are responsible for the obesity epidemic today.


The good news is, it’s possible to right their wrong.  And you can do it in just 60 seconds a day.


When you do, managing your weight becomes almost effortless. No fad diets. No extra exercise.  Just a painless 60 second-a-day habit is all it takes.


I’ll share with you exactly what you need to do in this critical 60 seconds each day.

But first ...


Allow Me To Share This Quick Story ...
It’s December 23rd, 2015. Two days before Christmas. Inside an energy utility company in Kiev, Ukraine, a group of young engineers sits down to work.


But before they can get much done, they realize they have a giant problem on their hands. Every single engineer of is locked out of his computer!


They click their keyboards, and nothing happens. They move their mouses. Still nothing.


And before the engineers can even guess what’s going on…


They watch helplessly as their mouse pointers start moving around their screens, all on their own.


The boss gasps as he begins to comprehend what’s happening:   


The energy utility is being hacked, right before their eyes. 


As they watch on in disbelief and horror, the mouse pointer drifts up to a row of online breakers. Click. Suddenly, whole blocks of homes are left without power.  


Click. Another part of the city is left in the dark.


This continues until 250,000 people were left without power - for 6 hours.


Authorities say this act of cyber-terrorism was a dry run; bigger things are coming. 


What could this possibly have to do with struggling to maintain a healthy weight?


Well, as I’m about to show you…


Most Americans Are Victims of a THIS Kind of Terrorism Instead
Not cyber-terrorism, but terrorism just the same.   


I’m talking about Food Terrorism.


If you think you’ve heard this before, let me assure you, it goes deeper than most Americans understand.


And if you’ve struggled to stay away from the carbs … struggled to keep your portion sizes where they should be … and struggled to maintain your weight, despite your best intentions …


You could easily a victim of the Food Terrorism I’m talking about.


The good news is, once I show you what this Food Terrorism is all about, I’ll also show you how easy it is to fight back.


You’ll understand why you might overeat. And why you might feel addicted to sugar and other carbs. You’ll know why you’ve been put in a no-win position when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.


If you’ve been always been taught that Americans are overweight because they eat too much and exercise too little…


That’s only half the story. That’s what the food industry wants you to believe.


So, what do I mean when I say Food Terrorism?


I’ll tell you the story and you…


Decide For Yourself If This is Terrorism
Way back in 1957, Richard Marshall and Earl Kooi worked for what was then called Corn Products International Inc.  


Marshall and Kooi were biochemists. And, whether they knew it or not, their work would sink the health of millions of Americans, decades later.


These biochemists created glucose isomerase. 


Glucose isomerase is an enzyme.  Generally, enzymes are helpful. We have thousands of them in our bodies. And they help with things like digestion.


But the glucose isomerase enzyme is NOT helpful to our health in anyway. In fact, it’s downright dangerous.


Here’s why ...


You may have heard of glucose. Glucose is what our bodies use for fuel. We call it "blood sugar." But the real term is glucose. You may have also heard of fructose. Fructose is the sugar found in fruit.


Well, this enzyme the biochemists created turns the glucose in corn syrup to fructose. But it’s not like the fructose found in an apple or an orange.


This engineered fructose is totally different. Now we call it High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).


Why This Fake Sugar is So Evil!
You’ll see in a moment just how evil HFCS is. Even if you’ve heard a lot about HFCS on the news....


I can almost guarantee this will be new for you.


You’ve probably already heard that HFCS is horrible for your health.


But what you might not know is that – even if you haven’t eaten HFCS in years…


The damage is already done.


You see, you’ve almost certainly consumed piles of the stuff throughout your lifetime.


In 1975, sugar was expensive. So, to cut costs, big food companies started jamming HFCS into every product it could.


First it was Coke and Pepsi. Then soups, ketchup and other sauces, ice cream, candy, salad dressings, frozen foods, bread, juice, and more. Even so-called healthy yogurts and granola bars had the stuff it. 


The Food Industry Puts This On Everything
It got so bad that eventually the average American was eating 60 POUNDS of the High Fructose Corn Syrup every year.


But, why is that so bad?


Well, HFCS is a man-made chemical for starts.


The process those food terrorists invented separates the glucose from the fructose. And it turns both into liquids. 


Which sounds innocent enough - until you understand that this liquid glucose shoots directly into your liver. 


And eventually it causes a serious condition known as fatty liver.  


In case fatty liver sounds rare to you, 90 million Americans now have it. That’s more than 1 out of every 4 people!


And plenty of my patients suffer with fatty liver too.


Fatty liver leads to pre-diabetes, and type II diabetes. Which leads to heart attacks, strokes, Cancer, and even dementia.


Plus, High Fructose Corn Syrup is FULL of chemical toxins. Even mercury!


Despite all the bad news though, HFCS skyrocketed in popularity - until recently that is.


In the late 90s, word got out just how horrible HFCS really is for your health. And Americans started demanding foods without it.


HFCS usage has been on the decline ever since.


Why the Damage is Already Done
Take a look at this chart created by the Corn Refiners Association in an attempt to fool Americans into thinking HFCS is safe. 
You can see the blue line – the steep rise of HFCS consumption, followed by the decline in the 2000s.


You can also see the obesity rate rising long past the point where HFCS declines.


The Corn Refiners Association says because when HFCS went down, obesity still went up ... that's proof that HFCS doesn't casuse obesity.

But what the Corn Refiners Association is NOT telling you is this…
Even If You Haven’t Eaten HFCS in YEARS,
Your Appetite Could Still Be Broken!
HFCS breaks your Appetite Switch.


Your Appetite Switch is responsible for regulating your desire to eat.


It's supposed to signal your body to stop eathing when you're full. 


But with a broken Appetite Switch, your body can’t stop eating - even when you know you should.


That’s why on this chart, the obesity rate continues to climb, even though HFCS consumption is down:

HFCS has already broken our Appetite Switches.


So, it’s become nearly impossible for many of us to lose weight. Even when we try so hard.


A broken Appetite Switch means we eat more than we should. We eat the wrong stuff. And we don’t have the energy to exercise like we need to.


No wonder we have such a hard time managing a healthy weight!


The good news is, there’s an easy way to repair our Appetite Switches. And in a second, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.


But first, let me share with you quickly how the Appetite Switch works.


Our fat cells secrete a protein called leptin. Leptin signals to your brain that you’ve had enough to eat, so you should stop eating.


But HFCS causes a flood of leptin. And at some point, it’s too much for your body. And you become Leptin Resistant...


When you’re Leptin Resistant, your brain thinks you’re starving – even when you’ve had plenty to eat.


So, you keep eating.  And the extra food packs on as fat.


Why Your Brain Thinks You’re Starving,
Even if You’re Overfed
No matter how much leptin your fat cells produce, your brain still thinks you’re starving.  


That’s bad enough. But Leptin Resistance also has another bad side. Leptin resistance blocks fat burning. And since your body needs to burn fat for energy, Leptin Resistance will make you feel exhausted all the time too.

Here's the bottom line:


Leptin Resistance - induced by High Fructose Corn Syrup - is what’s behind America’s obesity epidemic.

And that's why I call it Food Terrorism.


Want to know what gets rid of Leptin Resistance?


Ironically, diet and exercise.  


But how do you diet when your brain thinks you’re starving? ...And how do you exercise when your energy levels are sapped?


If it all sounds impossible, I understand.


But it’s NOT impossible to break the cycle...


You can fight back against the evil food corporations that fed HFCS to you for years.  


But it’s near impossible to break the cycle without help.


And that’s why I’ve prepared this presentation for you today.


You see, there’s no avoiding diet and exercise. Most of us are ok with dieting if we see results. And we’re ok with exercising - as long as we have the energy.


But if you’re Leptin Resistant, you have no energy. And you have critically low willpower.


All thanks to the cheap ‘sugar’ we call High Fructose Corn Syrup.


By now, you’re probably wondering: 


How To Tell if You’re Leptin Resistant
Let me know if this sounds like anyone you know …


Do you eat foods that you know are bad for you, even when you want to lose weight? Do you sometimes feel addicted to sugars and other carbs? Have you tried to establish an exercise routine but lack energy and motivation?


If you answered yes to any of those, there’s a good chance you’re Leptin Resistant.


And there’s a good chance you feel frustrated because you try to manage a healthy weight, but you slip up.  


Well, now you know why …


Thanks to decades of the food industry shoving HFCS down our throats, many of us have the decks stacked against us.


It’s time I show you how to fight back.  


Can you remember a time when you needed a loan, but you had no credit? And because you had no credit, you couldn’t get the loan? But there was no way of establishing credit ... without a loan?


That a vicious circle we all understand - even if it never happened to us.


Leptin resistance works exactly the same way...


Our Leptin Resistance will fade as we lose weight. But how do we lose weight while we’re Leptin Resistant?


As it turns out, there is a way ...
Here’s How to Ditch Leptin Resistance - And The Extra Weight - For Good
We give our bodies what the Leptin Resistance has stolen from us: an appetite that shuts off when it should … and the energy we need to get a little more active.  


Do both of those and you’ll lose the pounds naturally, without the struggle.


I’m going to show you how to fix your Appetite Switch … and how to get your energy back so you actually feel like doing a little exercise.  


The simple solution I’m sharing with you takes just 60 seconds a day. It has nothing to do with extra exercise, harmful surgeries, or anything else you’ve likely heard of.


And you might be surprised that I’m not talking about pills either.  


Yes, I’m a traditionally trained medical doctor and cardiologist. I believe wholeheartedly in traditional medicine.


But I also believe in natural solutions where possible too. It’s 2018 after all.


And my research has led me to 2 simple nutrients that fix your Appetite switch.

These 2 nutrients will help you to be able to switch off your appetite natually. And they’ll give you the energy to get a little more active too.


Many of my patients say that once they started eating these 2 nutrients, they began to lose weight - without trying. They didn’t even need to exercise.


But if you think exercise is important, soon you’ll have the energy for that too.


Two Nutrients That Fix Your Appetite Switch Fast
First, there’s Capsaicin (caps-a-sin).


Capsaicin is the the nutrient found inside of cayenne pepper that makes it so hot.  


It’s also used in pepper spray to burn an attacker’s eyes.


Capsaicin is a powerhouse of a nutrient.

One of the first studies I saw about Capsaicin was back in 2009.  I found this studyin Clinical Nutrition.


Researchers divided their test subjects into 2 groups. One of the groups was given green tea and Capsaicin. The other group was given green tea and a placebo.


The group that was given Capsaicin reported less hunger and more fullness. The subjects naturally wanted to eat less calories than they took in.


In other words, the Capsaicin reduced their appetite.  


Then I saw another study on Capsaicin. This one from another reputable source - the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology.


This time the researchers took 10 healthy males. They wanted to see what effect 150 mg of Capsaicin would have on their ability to exercise.


The researchers came to an exciting conclusion: Capsaicin fires up fat burning, especially with exercise.


Remember I told you how Leptin Resistance is beat with diet and exercise?

...But thanks to HFCS, most of us have a ravenous appetite and little energy to work out?


These studies show that Capsaicin both suppresses our appetite AND iaccelerates fat loss once we start exercising.


In other words, the little red spice Capsaicin can undo HALF of Leptin Resistance all on its own. It fixes your Appetite Switch.


But even if Capsaicin helps you eat less, Leptin Resistance won’t fully let go of you until you start getting a little more active.


Now, I’m NOT talking about exercising like a demon. But if you’re to smash Leptin Resistance and reset your weight, naturally … you’re going to have to get a little more active.


If that seems daunting now, it’s only because Leptin Resistance sucks the energy out of us.


But there is hope ...


The Nutrient That Gives You Energy - So You’ll Actually Feel Like Getting More Exercise
Let me tell you about the second Leptin Resistance-busting nutrient. And that’s Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid. It’s found in meat and dairy.


In a different study, researchers took overweight men and women. They divided them into two groups. They gave the first group CLA and the second group safflower oil.


Then the researchers measured how much energy the group spent during sleep over the next 6 months. Why did they measure how much energy the subjects used during sleep?

Because the subjects would have vastly different energy requirements while awake.  But since we all spend roughly the same amount of energy sleeping …


Doing the experiment while the subjects were asleep gave them more accurate readings.


The researchers found that the CLA group had a significant shift of fat oxidation compared to the safflower oil group.


In other words, supplement with CLA enabled the subjects to begin burning fat, releasing more energy.


Of course, more energy can help you feel more active, which in turn can break the Leptin Resistance.


Then in yet another study, researchers found more evidence of CLA busting through Leptin Resistance …


They took another group of overweight people …


Once again, they split them into 2 groups. One group was given a placebo and the other was given CLA.


This went on for 6 months, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.


The CLA group experienced significantly reduced body fat.  Which is amazing given the holidays are the time when many Americans gain a lot of their excess weight.


There’s one more study on CLA that I want to tell you about.


This time the test subjects were put in a very low-calorie diet. The researchers gave them CLA.


After 13 weeks, the people felt fuller and more satisfied. They reported less hunger too.


So, CLA helps you significantly lose body fat all on it's own ...

But it’s more important that it decreases appetite and boosts energy levels too. Think of the body fat loss as a bonus.




Remember how I told you that Leptin Resistance can only be beat by diet and exercise?


Why It’s Nearly Impossible to Diet When You’re So Hungry All the Time 
We’re hungry all the time thanks to HFCS breaking your Appetite Switch.


And it’s tough to exercise when you have no energy. Which is another byproduct of Leptin Resistance.


But, the combination of CLA and Capsaicin is like a one-two punch to Leptin Resistance.


They fire up your energy levels. And they keep your hunger and appetite in check. They reduce cravings for the bad foods too.


When you take the right type of CLA and Capsaicin … in the right amounts … you not only begin to lose weight … you naturally eat less and get more active too.  


You WANT to eat less and exercise more. Even if that seems impossible right now.


This helps you bust through the Leptin Resistance.  And it returns your body to how it was before the food industry snuck their toxic HFCS into the food chain.


In other words, it helps reduce the damage HFCS and other sugars have done to your system.


A lot of my heart patients are overweight. And a lot of them got that way thanks in part to Leptin Resistance.


So, I was excited when I discovered how CLA and Capsaicin could help my patients out of that viscous cycle.


All I had to do was find a high quality nutritional supplement that contained the right amounts of both CLA and Capsaicin.


Why Finding a Quality Source of CLA and Capsaicin is So Hard
I have some personal rules about what supplements I’ll recommend to my patients.


First, the ingredients have to be from quality sources. And they have to be in the right dosages.


For instance, the Capsaicin studies I told you about had the test subjects taking 150 mg a day. So, I couldn’t recommend any supplements to my patients that contain less than that.


Of course, I’m also a stickler about which ingredients are in the supplement in the first place. The research shows that breaking Leptin Resistance takes CLA too. So, substituting something other than CLA makes no sense to me. That’s what some supplement makers were doing, probably to save money.


Next, the supplement has to be made here in America. This is non-negotiable to me. Of course, other countries produce good products. But I want to be sure that quality standards are met. And I can only ensure that if the supplement is made in the USA. No cheap knockoffs from China. 


That way I know there’s no harmful plastics like BPA in them.


Also, I only ever recommend supplements that are made in an FDA approved GMP facility. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. This way I know the FDA is keeping an eye on the facility. And the manufacturer is not cutting any corners.


Another thing is, you see a lot of fillers and binders in supplements. I definitely won’t recommend a supplement to my patients if it has any of those


Lastly, the supplement can’t be made with any questionable ingredients. Nothing genetically modified of course. That’d be just as bad as the HFCS that’s caused this Leptin Resistance epidemic in the first place.


As you can see, it’s quite a tall order.


And as you might imagine, I couldn’t find anything like it on the market.


That’s why I decided to create my own.   I decided to create a natural supplement for my clients that would promote healthy weight loss by breaking through Leptin Resistance.


I knew that with the right ingredients, people would naturally eat less and even want to exercise a little more.


I didn’t want to cut any corners with the health of my patients - or with your health either.


And that’s how my nutritional supplement company was born.


Here's What You Get When You Mix Traditional Medicine With Natural Treatments
I call my company Natural MD Solutions. It’s really the best of both worlds. You get well researched solutions from a real doctor like me – but they’re all natural too.


So, the first product we created was obviously a supplement containing CLA and Capsaicin.  


We call it Advanced Weight Loss Formula. It’s a straightforward name because we’re a straightforward company.


Advanced Weight Loss Formula is made right here in America using Good Manufacturing Processes. 


And speaking of the formula …


Advanced Weight Loss Formula contains the right amounts of CLA and Capsaicin.


And those 2 ingredients are definitely the star of the show.


But as the supplement formula has evolved, I’ve added in some other helpful nutrients along the way.


Here’s what’s inside:


First, there’s Green Tea Extract. Green Tea has been shown to reduce carbohydrate consumption by a whopping 30%! And in a study done at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, test subjects lost 5.5 pounds over 8 weeks with Green Tea alone.


Next, Green Coffee Bean Extract. Green Coffee helps you absorb sugar and burn it for energy.


Then there’s Raspberry Ketone. Raspberry ketones are NOT something from a low-carb diet, even though that’s what it sounds like. What they do is help burn fat better, releasing more energy from your cells.


Next is Organic Turmeric. Turmeric is the yellow-orange spice that gives curry its color.


Let me tell you about a ground-breaking study found in the European Review For Medical and Pharmacological Sciences about turmeric ...


Researchers took 44 overweight people who were already losing weight. They divided them into 2 groups. The researchers gave one group turmeric and the other group none.


The turmeric group had some astonishing results!


In just 30 days …


The turmeric group lost an extra 2% body fat and almost an extra 2% off their hips.


An extra 2% might not sound like a lot. But consider this was ONLY from the turmeric. By itself, it might not be that impressive. But when added to the other ingredients inside Advanced Weight Loss Formula, it helps - a lot.
Next, we added grapefruit seed extract.


Each of us has a good enzyme inside of us called AMPK. Enzyme AMPK is activated with exercise. And when it’s activated, it turns your body into a fat-burning furnace.


As it turns out, grapefruit seed extract does the same thing - without the exercise!


Now it’s true, you’ll burn more fat once you add exercise to the mix. But while you’re waiting for the energy boost CLA will give you …


Grapefruit seed extract will give you a head start.


And you’ve probably heard of apple cider vinegar. It’s another powerhouse we added to this impressive supplement.


Apple cider vinegar also activates enzyme AMPK just like grapefruit seed extract. But it also encourages fat burning and discourages fat storage too!


Lastly, there’s Bioperine™. Bioperine™ is a black pepper extract that makes many of the previous ingredients more “bioavailable.” That’s a fancy way of saying that your body will actually be able to use these nutrients rather than peeing them out.


As you can see, there’s a lot tucked inside of each Advanced Weight Loss Formula capsule.


The name says it like it is – it supports your weight loss goals in an advanced way.


It revs your energy levels up naturally (so you don’t have any jittery side effects) and it controls your appetite (so you naturally eat the right amount of food, without cravings).


This combination busts through Leptin Resistance so your body can manage its own weight naturally.


In short, my Advanced Weight Loss Formula promotes healthy weight loss. And it’s what I now recommend to any of my patients who struggle to maintain a healthy weight.


All you need to do is take 3 easy to swallow capsules a day. When you do, you’ll feel more energy. And you’ll feel less hungry. Plus you’ll soon feel like exercising more too.


Even better, you get these effects from food nutrients, not from harmful chemicals.


I only wish I’d developed Advanced Weight Loss Formula years ago.


But today, I’d like to offer it to you at a special introductory price.


You see, once sales of Advanced Weight Loss Formula pick up steam in a few months, we’ll be retailing it for $67. And at just $2.23 a day, it’ll be a bargain at that.


But because we’re just starting to roll this out, I’m going to give you an even better deal...


If you grab your bottle of Advanced Weight Loss Formula today, you can have it for just $49. That’s almost $20 off the retail price – a 27% discount!


And, you can buy up to 6 bottles at this discounted price – enough to last you 6 months.  


The shelf life on Advanced Weight Loss Formula is over a year, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad. No more than 6 bottles though please. We want to give everybody a chance to get the discount.


But there is one small catch …

Testing with my own patients using Advanced Weight Loss Formula has shown great results already.


But I'm looking to gather more testimonials from the general public.  So, I've ordered 1,000 bottles to start.  And I'm discounting to encourage you to try it - and then to hopefully give us a positive review when you're ecstatic about the results.

When those bottles are gone, thought, the discount will be too.


Also, when you click the button below, you’ll be taken to a secure ordering page where you can choose 1, 3, or 6 of the discounted bottles. 

So, if you're concerned at all about the first 1,000 bottles running out before you can re-order, it's safer to order 3 or 6 now.


Click the button now and you’ll be able to order safely.


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Often I'll talk about natural remedies - ones that really work.  But you can rest assured that the advice is coming from a doctor.  So what you read inside is not wild,  untested theory - it's based on science.

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Here’s something else I wanted to mention quickly before we go …


You don’t have to take my word for it that Advanced Weight Loss Formula will work for you.


I am putting my money where my mouth is.


Test-Drive Advanced Weight Loss Formula Today Risk-Free
You can try Advanced Weight Loss Formula risk-free today. We have a full 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.


If you don’t like the supplement for any reason … if you don’t feel it lives up to what I’m claiming …you can get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


So, you can try Advanced Weight Loss Formula today, confident that you’re covered if you want your money back, for any reason.


Just click the button to get started.


The way I see it, you’re now at a crossroads.

You have two choices.


First, you can try to deal with Leptin Resistance on your own. You can battle the never-ending appetite and the low energy on your own. You might save a few bucks, but you may struggle to regain a healthy weight – especially if you’ve struggled to do that in the past.


On the other hand, your other option is to give Advanced Weight Loss Formula a try today.


I’ve shown you how it was developed with good, solid science in mind. It’s NOT a magic pill. But it is a blend of nutrients that are proven to promote healthy weight loss.


When you try Advanced Weight Loss Formula today, you’ll break through the barriers that have held you back in the past.


Suddenly, you have more energy. And your appetite begins shutting down when you’ve had enough to eat - like it's supposed to.


You eat less and exercise more. Not because you have to, but because you want to. That’s what it’s like to break that cycle of Leptin Resistance.


And as if that’s not enough, you’re getting a generous 27% discount AND a 60-day no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.


Hopefully the choice is obvious:


Click the button below and give Advanced Weight Loss Formula a try today.


Thank you for sticking with me this far.  I hope that – at the very least – I’ve armed you with information that will help you fight the good fight.

To your good health,


Dr. Philip Totonelly,
MD, Cardiologist.

P.S. - in my experience, nothing will change until you put a stop to Leptin Resistance.  When you do, your Appetite Switch will work again.  And you'll have so much energy, you'll want to exercise.

But most of us break through Leptin Resistance on our own.





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